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Our  Katahdin ewes are pasture raised throughout the year. Sometimes we supplement with high quality feed when needed and minerals are always offered free choice.

Feeding time #lambs
Katahdin Ewes

This picture is taken on a cool evening during our 2019 spring lambing season. Our girls like to stay close to the barn during labor and after giving birth which makes it easy to check up on them. This year we had plenty of lush forage for grazing through the winter and spring so both the ewes and lambs could be as healthy as possible.


Katahdin Sheep Near Me

In the summer we do our best to get the ewes into shape for breeding. We rotate pastures, feed high quality minerals and supplement feed. Most importantly we check for parasites which can be plentiful during this time in Georgia. After doing a FAMACHA test to identify parasite risk we will use a dewormer if necessary. The girls that continue to need worming are culled. (FAMACHA scoring identifies anemia in sheep, the main symptom of worm infestation.)


Sheep Near Me

Here is a picture of our ewes after their lambs were weened late this spring. We first put the ladies on a dry lot for a few days and then check for any mastitis or health issues. Once in the clear they go out on grazing. And they love it.


Katahdin Sheep Near Me

All of our sheep are pasture raised and we feel a pasture based management system is the best for our flock. Quality breeding is extremely important part of our management. We bred for parasite resistance and growth that comes from strong healthy lambs. We take a lot of pride in growing a healthy productive flock.

Our Flock

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