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Butcher shop now open

We are excited to be opening our own processing facility. We are starting with deer, but will be proceeding with getting our full Usda license so we will be able to process our lambs and animals for other people. Can’t wait to get back to selling to restaurants and direct to customers

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Rams Available for 2023 Eid Al Adha

All animals born and raised on my farm, humane treatment, well taken care of, highest quality meat. Priced by weight: less than or equal to 70 lbs= $325 80 lbs= $333.00 90 lbs = $341.00 100 lbs = $350

Eid al-Adha

200 ram lambs available ages 6-19 months old. 100 pound ram is $3/lb=$300 110 @ $2.90/lb=319 120 @ $2.80/lb=336 130 @ $2.70/lb=351 140 @ $2.60/lb=364 150 @ $2.50/lb=375 160-200 lb = 400 I do not have


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