5 Reasons for Katahdin Sheep

Why Katahdins might be a great fit for your pastures.

Out On Pasture Spring 2019

1. No Shearing!

Katahdins are known as a hair sheep and shed their excess hair in the spring. Especially great for hotter climates.

2. Adaptability.

Their smooth hair coat in the warmer months allows them to tolerate heat and humidity well. But also do well in Canadian winters.

3. Parasite Resistance

Generally, Katahdins have much greater parasite resistance than wooled breeds, especially after one year of age.

4. Docile.

Katahdins are docile and easy to handle. Many people have even kept them as pets!

5. Great Mothers.

Lambs can be born on pasture and do not always require jugging. I have found that separating ewes with lambs from ewes without lambs is all that is needed during lambing season. If a mother rejects her lamb it is possible to graft that lamb onto her or another ewe who has lost her lamb. (see more in post about Katahdins as mothers.)