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Eid al-Adha

200 ram lambs available ages 6-19 months old.

100 pound ram is $3/lb=$300

110 @ $2.90/lb=319

120 @ $2.80/lb=336

130 @ $2.70/lb=351

140 @ $2.60/lb=364

150 @ $2.50/lb=375

160-200 lb = 400

I do not have slaughter facilities and the state of Georgia will unfortunately not allow people to slaughter animals on my farm. I wish they would, and I’ve already gotten in trouble for it. So, I have live animals for sale. They can be slaughtered somewhere else but not here.

My farm is in Warrenton, Georgia which is 90 miles east of Atlanta and 50 miles west of Augusta. The farm is right outside of the town of Warrenton, which is just south of Interstate 20

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