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Momma Katahdins

Katahdins are usually great mothers and milkers which can reduce the need for shepherding.

Twins born in the night.

How many lambs do Katahdins usually have?

1 to 4. Twin births are the most common in a well managed flock. Quad births are not unheard of. It also isn't uncommon for yearling ewes to give birth to twins, but normally they have single births. Ewes produce their largest number of lambs when they are between the ages of 3 and Their lambing rate tends to be between 250 to 200 percent.

When can Katahdins be bred for the first time?

Katahdins are an early-maturing breed, reaching puberty at an early age. Ewe lambs can be bred to have their first lambs by the time they are 12-14 months old as long as they have achieved sufficient weight. In fact, weight is more important than age when deciding when to breed ewes for the first time. Ewe lambs should achieve approximately two-thirds of their mature size before being bred.

Can Katahdins breed out of season?

Sheep are seasonal breeders and are most fertile during September, October, and November. Day length is the key environmental factor affecting reproduction in ewes. However, Katahdins can and do breed out of season based on the condition on the flock and its resources. I typically bred my ewes in June and July in order to have lambs born in November and December when winter grazing is ready. I have had lambs born in all months of the year, but I find the winter and early spring to be the best time for me in East Central Georgia.

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